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Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation:

VG VIVANCO & GARCIA is specialized in translations with the quality your company needs.

Our working methods, quality levels and vast experience in pharmaceutical translation make us the ideal partner during the entire drug authorization process.

Our quality metrics comply with technical standard SAE J2450. This standard for technical translation was designed to measure translation quality. VG VIVANCO & GARCIA adapted this standard to assure top quality levels in demanding fields like pharmaceutical translation.

VG VIVANCO & GARCIA has in-house teams of engineers, chemical engineers, pharmacists, doctors and biologists who are all experts in translations for pharmaceutical industries. Our teams understand your needs concerning speed, quality and meeting tight deadlines regarding:

  • Certificates of Free Sale.
  • Certificates of Product Analysis.
  • Clinical Reports.
  • CRFs (Case Report Forms).
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificates.
  • Informed Consents.
  • Manufacturing Processes.
  • Patient Information Leaflets.
  • Pharmaceutical Product Certificates.
  • Pharmacovigilance Services.
  • QOL (Quality of Life) Questionnaires.
  • Safety and Efficacy Studies.
  • Stability Studies.
  • Summary of Product Characteristics.
  • Specialized Literature.
  • Technical Specifications of Excipients.
  • Technical Specifications of Finished Products.
  • Technical Specifications of Primary or Secondary Packaging Material.
  • Therapeutic Equivalence Studies.
  • Training Materials.
  • User Guides (instructions for use).
  • Validation of Analytical Techniques of Finished Products.

For further information or an estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.